Three clear steps

For many people, building or buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make in their lives. People who want to acquire or renovate their homes may face a major financial challenge. In practice, however, home financing through a mortgage loan is a proven solution.

We have been providing home financing for decades, and with our extensive experience, we are a key player on the mortgage market. As a dedicated mortgage bank we understand better than anyone else that living starts with your own home.

Consider and take these proven steps towards a successful mortgage:

A. Plan
As with any project, home financing starts with a plan. Do you want to buy, renovate or build your house? Or are you considering buying a piece of land as an investment? Do you want to consolidate your financial commitments to free up much needed cash? Are you in need of capital to finance an advanced study? The possibilities are almost endless; just determine your wish and we will assess your options together with you. 

B. Evaluate
Taking out a mortgage does not only relate to money, but also to how to enjoy life better. To realize your plan and build your financial future, it is important to evaluate the consequences of a long term commitment. What is your personal budget? And what is your life style? Where do you want to live? Have you considered the costs of owning a house? Is it more convenient for you to buy or to rent? What kind of mortgage do you want and for how long? How much do you need to borrow? Is a private deposit required? What are the costs involved with a mortgage? Are there any costs after entering the mortgage deed? 

Call us or visit us for us professional and independent advice. As professionals in the field of mortgages we will gladly guide you in finding the right answers to your questions. 

C. Arrange
Now that every aspect of a mortgage is clear and you have reached a decision, you can complete and submit your application together with the required documentation. Upon approval of your request we will offer you a tailor made mortgage, based on your personal needs and circumstances. After that, you arrange your insurances, and subsequently sign the mortgage deed and the loan agreement at the notary office. The notary will then register a copy of the mortgage deed in the public registers of the Mortgage Office (Hypotheekkantoor).